DownforceTV #12 - Dotz Power Drift Series #2

Round two of the Swedish Powerdrift Series, this round taking place at Mittsverigebanan. Downforce Co. - official media partner of Song information: PrototypeRaptor - 26th Blue Stahli - Ghost of Love (David Lynch cover)


Posted on July 1, 2013 .

DownforceTV #11

This time we bring you an edit from Gatebil Mantorp 2013, our ambassadors Totte and Petta  takes a ride with Aasbo and Mad Mike, the Captain exchanges a few words with them and we meet up with Sean Klingelhoefer once more.

Gatebil was overall a very interesting event, loads and loads of insane cars and both old and new friends. We hope to be a bigger part of Gatebil next year, until then, DownforceTV #11.


Posted on June 27, 2013 .

Dotz Powerdrift Series #1 + DFTV #10

The past weekend had something rather exciting in store for us. Namely: the first race with SM status (Swedish Championship) in drifting, ever! We were there when it all began...

People speak about earlybirds. Well, we must have beat them to it this very clear and utterly early morning. We were on the road at about 4 AM, headed for Karlskoga and Gelleråsen. We expected no less than an awesome day, and that we certainly had! After our display tent was set up, the greatness began!

Our much appreciated friends and ambassadors hung out with us in our tent, went on the track and in the pits and shot some quality footage and images for us. The rubber smoke lay thick over the hills and the sun rendered some quite interesting shivers later in the evening. I'd like to call it 'motorsports-event-tan'. Flaming red arms and neck. But hey, better to have sun than rain!

The racing was about as hot as the sun grilling us. All the racers really gave all they had and then some. Most contestants went off the track at least once and one poor guy actually flipped his Volvo after using the right pedal in a slightly too enthusiastic manner. How's that for devotion? Worth to mention, the driver wasn't hurt (according to what I heard from the officials) but the Volvo needed a lot of love after being airborne.

So then again, we had a warm but nice day with strained engines from small inline 4:s screaming to big V8:s roaring. The rain was actually on its way to mess with the PROINT finals but it came to its senses and was kind enough to get the frick out of there. A couple of very tired but happy guys loaded the DFCO van and went home again. Now we're waiting for the upcoming events. From the looks of it all, next time we'll be meeting with you all great people again will be at Gatebil Mantorp, 14-16 June. See you all there.

Over and out! -Fredrik "Captain Redbeard" Berbres

Posted on May 23, 2013 and filed under Dotz Powerdrift Series.